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Advantages to You

Bags for Builders - The Advantages!

Delivery Advantages

Currently when delivering different materials to a site, such as sand and bark for landscaping, two deliveries are generally required.  One with the flat bed and one with a tipper for example. With Bags for Builders, the different materials are placed on the same truck bed.  No need to send out a separate deliveries!

Erosion Advantages

No erosion. As the bags securely contain their loads, rain or wind erosion is not a factor. No wastage from this saves money. Run off factors can also have legal ramifications depending on certain Council Bi-Laws and Environment regulations.


For more information on site development containments see


Safety Adavntages


The ability to be able to transport material once delivered, to certain areas of the site is invaluable. Before, once a load of gravel is 'dumped', that's where is stays. This has implications such as workplace safety, pedestrian hazards and again erosion issues. Bags for Builders have the ability to transported by forklifts to specific areas one the original delivery has been completed.



Multi-Floor Project Advantages


As mentioned previously, Bags for Builders have the ability for transporting exactly where you need them. Cranes can be used to place product on specific floors allowing contractors ease of access.